Disconnect and the art of reconnecting – another personal goal.


To be clear, I love the good side of social media. Being a military family we are constantly on the move as are a large majority of our friends – social media lets us keep in contact quickly regardless of time or distance. I’m a fan of Facebook and Intsagram in particular (hubby not so much) however……

Social media has given us the ability to keep in contact, express our thoughts, fears, share our pictures and in many cases attack, abuse and degrade people and their beliefs – but at what cost.

This week has been another week of reflection and I’d love your thoughts.

We are quick to click the emotion buttons to express our thoughts, but this has in many cases left us without an actual emotional connection or a feeling of disconnect to our family and friends. Social media relationships have moved us further from the personal interation that we once had. The quickness of hitting the like, love, sad, angry button holds us less accountable emotionally than acutally writing a quick comment, writing a private message or making that telephone call.

I, for one am guilty of taking the quick option, hit that like button and move on, however, I have been making a concious decision to not react this way. I am taking my time to really read and take notice of what people are writing, what they are feeling and sharing before sending a private message or even better picking up the phone. There are of course, times when the quick option is suitable – a caption or a photo but one needs to remember that nothing outways a personal message – remember the joy of receiving a handwritten letter or postcard – personal or private messages are today’s equivalent of the handwritten letter.

Take the time, ensure in a world of social media we reconnect from the at times disconnect we all share. Reach out!

Thank you for being a part of the journey. S