Is your hometown still your hometown….

“We have a house that is our home, but we also have a hometown that is home”.

Home has many meanings for our family. Home is always the house we are living in, wherever we are posted at the time, where there is a pair of combat boots, the never ending sports gear and the shoes that make us look like we live in a shoe shop. Other times home is my hometown. The town that helped raise me, the town that is familiar and not so familiar anymore. The town where my mum, grandparents, aunt and uncle are, the town where my great grandparents are buried. It’s the town that our children love visiting, it’s the town where my husband switches off completly – in his favourite blue chair not to far from the golf course. It’s the town that I am comfortable and not so comfortable in……

This small country town was were you could ride your bike all day, play sport and swim at the local pool safetly all summer. It’s where I went to school from preschool until the end of High School with the same people, it’s where I had my first job, my first heart break, where I broke my first heart. This small town is where I learnt to work hard, where I learnt to drive, crashed my first car, had my first drink, my first hangover, stomped by boots in the dust at the local show and started the journey to where I am today.

Home is where the memories begin, my grandparents living around the corner, strawberries with sugar, where I spent my young years with my great grandparents in the back yard making tea and cakes for my great grandfather with the old pots and pans, where I lost my dummy, climbed walnut tress and went everywhere with my grandfather. Climbed on my grandparents lounge and prouldy informed my grandma that I was allowed too – I was quickly sat down and fell asleep in those chairs.

This small country town is where I formed friendships that I still have today, the town where some friendships are not so more, its the town where I learnt to love, that having good manners is important, the ease of saying hello to everybody and how important respect is. It’s this small country town where I thought I would live forever, it’s also this small country town I ran from within two weeks of meeting my husband. It’s the small country town we said our wedding vows in surrounded by our family and friends, where everybody knew everybody (and their business). Whilst it is now the town that I no longer know everybody, it is still home, my hometown and the town our kids refer to as their hometown.

The world that is ours now is one where we move every two years, we move to towns that are not always familiar, with new people and surroundings. Why do our kids refer to this little country town as their hometown even though they were born in differnt cities (Newcastle, Townsville and Hawaii), it’s because that is where Nana’s house is and Nana’s house is the one constant house we have – we have our own beds there, we have ‘stuff’ in the closets, we know and love the neighbours – home is important.

As we are one of milions of families that live a transient lifestyle we often comtemplate where will be put down roots, make a home in our own hometown….as to where that will be, we have no idea. We have ideas and a wish list (a rural setting by the beach, golf, not a city but somwhere with everything you need, not to hot and not to cold – if you have any ideas, please comment below) but I do know that whilst we are unlikely to relocate to my hometown, that small country town will forever be home.

Always remember where you came from, where you are going and why you are going”.