Things we have learnt living in the US:)

As a family we have been fortunate to experience life in the US on several occasions due to my husbands service. We have lived in Hawaii, Missouri and now Kansas. During these times we have learnt some interesting tidbits on life in the US – I hope you enjoy and please let me know any you have also:)

Bread is sweet, Milk is sweet! Be prepared for the sugar in milk, the sugar and corn syrup in bread along with the preservatives that will see the bread not mould.

High fructose corn syrup is in pretty much everything! HFCS is a cheaper option as an ingredient than sugar. This takes a lot of reading labels to find products that don’t actually have HFCS – you will find it in granola bars, cereal, bread, yoghurt, soft drinks, salad dressings, jam, some baked goods, protein bars and many more – Make sure you read the labels!

Wear a wetsuit while swimming in the ocean at Seattle all year round! After many months of living in Missouri we had missed the ocean and the ease of visiting when we wished. The kids and I are lovers of the ocean and living in the middle of the country away from it was tough. We took a road trip which saw us driving down Interstate 5 and Highway 1 from Seattle to California.

Seattle is beautiful but the water is cold – what kind of wetsuits should you pack, it all depends on the season you visit. Summer, you will still need one and I would recommend a full length (the kids legs were a little blue) and for winter and the cooler weather, full length, thick and include boots, gloves and a hood.

Plenty of beaches in the US still allow open fires (check state and beach regulations first). Seattle is one place where you can still have an open fire on beach. For us, this was amazing. We were able to enjoy the water….well, watch the kids enjoying the water and have a fire ready for them to warm up.

Highway One… terrifying in places!

The coastal road hugs the pacific ocean from Oregon’s border with California to San Diego and has some of the most amazing views you will experience. The road however is very windy and narrow in places and at times, it seems the car will track down the cliff right into the ocean. Driving along here must be completed with full attention and the amount of RV’s can at times make it look like an RV park.

The US has many amazing sites that need to be seen in Summer, however, some of these sites are on our must been seen in Winter list. We have all seen images or visited Niagara Falls in the warmer months however, there is nothing like seeing it from the Canadian side in Winter. Seeing the trees covered in snow, ice and the frozen sections of water are truly something to be seen. Disney World in Florida is another must do in the cooler months, the people and the heat are not a great way to visit the happiest place on earth – people are sweaty, tired and not overly happy during the middle of summer – we learnt from experience.

Driving through the mountains of Wyoming and Montana (Big Sky Country) are breathtaking. The wide open spaces, the slow and windy roads, the snow on the peaks are a must see. The gateway to Yellowstone National Park, Glaziers and history are all to be found along the way. The Buffalo Bill Centre of the West is an affiliate of Smithsonian Institute – the attention to details and displays is a great way to spend some time.

Hop on, Hop off tours are a fantastic way to see the sights and to get your bearings when visiting a new city. We took the opportunity in every city that offered the service. The prices vary but made the site seeing easier. We always jumped on and completed a full trip around first, this let us see the city and allowed us to plan and gauge what were our ‘must sees’ as a family.

We toured New York on a double decker bus in winter on the top level in our snow gear, we toured Nashville in summer on the trolley eating ice-cream at every stop, we toured Washington DC from one side to the other and by doing this we were able to cover more ground and without the trouble of parking or usual public transport.

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Hello and Welcome!

Today is the day to start a new adventure for me. After months with poor health (I’ll fill you in on that later) it was time to reevaluate my life choices and the possibility to share and enjoy the adventure that is life with like minded people. Below I would like to introduce myself, but first, what my wishes are for this blog. I wish to share with you stories of our Military Life, family time, adventures, surviving after a Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection and Heart Attack and a place for us to enjoy Life, adventure, learning, surviving and creating our own place in the world.

My name is Sheree (aka Mrs Mully) and I am 42. I’m married to an amazing man who just happens to be in the Army. For me, it was love at first sight without question. He managed to steal my heart and lead me away from the small country town I grew up in Australia and has taken me on adventure after adventure since 1998.

Along the way we have created three amazing and individual hardy kids. Miss M (16), Miss C (13) and Master B (10). These kids have always kept me on my toes. Miss M arrived 10 weeks premature and my heart still skips a beat or two when I think back to that day she arrived in a complete hurry. Miss C also managed to arrive a little early but thankfully not as early as her sister. Master B arrived whilst we were living in Hawaii and I am sure when he is older, the ‘I was born in Hawaii’ will make him a standout with the girls.

The Military way of life has taken us to many places :- Canberra, Sydney, Wagga Wagga, Townsville, Darwin, Hawaii, Missouri, Brisbane and Kansas. We have lived in some of these places two or three times. Each time has been different and amazing. Military can be difficult for the whole family but for us, our eyes are always open and the possibility to learn something new about ourselves is always a positive.

We are currently living in Kansas, USA and it has been fantastic catching up with previous friends / neighbours and making new friends and memories. This is home for two years and then we will return back to Australia.

What are some of the reason that has lead me to reevaluate my goals….good question!

Prior to returning to the USA, I worked as a qualified Inclusion Support Assistant / Teachers Aide and worked this position along side that of Defence Schools Transition Aide. This job was amazing and taught me so much about myself, children with special needs and those that just needed extra support and attention. I worked in a Catholic primary school and Darwin where the families and staff were supportive and it really was like an extension of family. Upon our positing to the USA, due to our Visa and the long process of applying for a working visa, it was decided that I take a break to focus on the kids, hitting the gym and enjoying my time.

It was during ‘hitting the gym’ I discovered Cross Fit / Functional Fitness. I jumped out of my comfort Zone and joined the class. Previously I had enjoyed spinning on my bike and weights in our garage at home. Once I stepped into the box I was transfixed. The strong, like minded, every body type of women in the class inspired me and I took off. I was soon at every morning class giving it all I had. I followed this up with swimming twice a week and walking also – in hindsight, it was probably a little much.

Anyway, long story short – my Coronary artery spontaneously tore which lead to a massive heart attack – this is the reason for my reevaluation of goals. More on that to come later….the suspense, I know:)

So here I am, just a 42 year old trying to find my niche in the world. I hope you come along for the adventure.