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2020 has certainly been a year of indifference, possibly one to forget but, hopefully, one to learn from. For Mrs Mully Blog, life has continued with a new normal.

The kids have not attended in-person school since March and the 20/21 School year commenced with some students attending in-person and others logging in and completing via rigorous remote learning. Our three are fully remote (and I love it). Our school district has been really on the ball and whilst some points have proved difficult at times (subjects had to be changed) they really have devised quite a good plan.  

Living on Post has enabled us to pretty much carry on as normal. We have access to the Commissary, Exchange, Golf Course etc without any hassle. We must wear a mask when in the buildings but we have had the luxury of being able to walk and exercise on Post with no crowds to contend with. We have been fortunate that we have been able to walk, exercise and play golf (with some restrictions) during the ongoing pandemic – it is something that we have not taken for granted and feel for those around the world who have not been able to, some for months.

Summer Break was long with no travel and minimum interaction with the outside world. Although we had hoped to enjoy some trips away, we were able to enjoy our time together as a family and for that, I am grateful.

The weather in Kansas has long been crazy and in the last week we have had really cold days (4 degrees celsius), beautiful days (26 degrees celsius) and today we awoke to snow! As the day goes on, more snow is falling with a move to ice this evening. 

I continue to bake our bread. What started in March has continued and we love it. I bake it every second day and bake two loaves at a time. The smell of fresh bread is amazing. We also now make our own pizza dough and scrolls with the same recipe. My recipe is from Jamie Oliver – it’s simple and tastes amazing (I’ll add at the bottom).

Mrs Mully’s take on Jamie Oliver Bread.

Makes 2 Loaves

500g of flour (white or mix of white and wholemeal)

650mls of tepid water

2 1/2 teaspoons of yeast

Squirt of honey

Mix yeast into tepid water and add a good squirt of honey (will help yeast work).

Combine water to dry flour and mix until soft and not sticky. (I use kitchen aid with dough attachment).

Add extra flour if needed.

Cover with a damp, warm, clean tea towel and place out of draft for 90 mins to let it rise.

Remove from bowl, flour surface and give it a good knead, approx 5 minutes. I split into two.

Please into bread tins and let rise for 30 mins while the oven preheats.

Bake for approx 27 minutes.

Remove from bread tin onto a cooling rack.

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