Mother’s Day –

‘Most mother’s I know ought to qualify for saint hood’

Josh Kear, David Frasier and Ed Hill wrote “Most People Are Good” in 2016

I have been blessed with incredible female role models in my life. From my great-mothers, my grandmas, girlfriends and most importantly my mum. These women have helpt pave the way for me to learn, conquer and appreciate strong values.

From each of these women, I have gained knowledge that has enabled me to become the women I am today. My great-mothers gave me joy and their time from when I was little. My grandmas gave and still give me the gift of their time, unconditional love, the simple pleasure of strawberries and sugar and the importance of a grandma hugs. My girlfriends gave me the courage to be myself, to laugh, and to bend their ears about all that was on my mind.

My mum gave me the strength to become my own person, to follow my dreams and importantly my heart. She gave me the power to learn from my mistakes and to grow from each one while guiding and letting me cry on her shoulder when needed.

My mum is the women that has followed our family across the world as we posted from place to place. She has been there when all three of our babies were born, been there for surgeries, deployments, cyclones and my recovery from SCAD and Heart Attack. She has taken care of our family more times than we can count.

My mum is the women who taught me independence, how to cook, how to drive and most importantly… to mum.

I have learnt from these incredible women that time, understanding and the ability to be strong and independent is one of the keys to raising children with the same qualities and I am so greatful for each of them.

Whilst we are able to celebrate my mum, grandmothers and our friends we do also think of those that are unable to share Mother’s Day with their own mums and also those Mum’s who are unable to hold their children. Mother’s Day is a day for those incredible mum’s to be loved on.

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