Be Kind, Be Considerate

Crazy times for all.

Thinking of all the wonderful Doctors, Nurses and medical staff who are working crazy hours and in crazy situations at the moment.

The teachers who are rushing to replace classroom learning with online learning to the teachers who are in full classrooms.

Those who work in hospitality who are facing unknown times and either low or no pay.

The kids who rely on schools for fresh meals, the only ones they get each day, for their laundry requirements and for their one safe place.

The grocery stores who can’t keep up with demand and the small businesses that face unknown outcomes from this time.

The elderly and those that are facing grocery shopping with empty shelves.

The kids who are missing school, the US high school seniors, the sport scholarships, the school sport season that has either been cut short or has been cancelled.

The families that have two working parents and are struggling to find assistance with kids being out of school – some for the rest of the US school year.

Those that are separated from loved ones by travel restrictions.

We need to be kind, aware but not alarmed, we need to be considerate of others, self isolate when necessary and be the best humans we can. ❤️❤️

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