There are Friends and there are Lifelong Friends…..

One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is the joy of long lasting friendships.

As our lives change and we move on to new and different stages, we personally change as do our friendships. As adults we often look back at times in our lives and reflect on those that we see regularly and those friendships that have changed. An easy way is to look back at wedding photos – are you in contact with everybody that was in attendance. Chances are there are a few that you are no longer in regular contact with or maybe not at all (and this is ok – life changes, life is busy).

We often spend weeks, months and years apart from loved ones and friends. It’s the long periods apart that really set the friends apart from the friends.

The friends are the ones that you might occasionally see on a visit to your hometown, on a new posting to a familiar location, a mutual friends wedding and your Facebook friends – the ones that you touch base with, chat too and reminisce with and are often the ones that taught you about early friendships.

The ‘friends’ that you see, and pick up where you left off – just like you saw each other yesterday. The way you talk over the top of each other, the laughter, the way you slip back into familiar territory. It’s the ones that you camp with, the ones you sit by the river bank with, the ones you make retirement plans with, the ones that you decide to meet half way just so you can have lunch with, the ones that have been there from the time you were little and you cannot remember a time they were not your bestie, the ones that make a positive impact on you, the ones where there is no inhibition. It’s the way the kids, although they haven’t seen each other in just as long and have grown from toddlers and newly teenage kids to preteen and young adults also settle into a friendship that is familiar…….these friendships are raw and are keepers.

All types are friendship are special and are a big part of how we learn what makes a friend and the different kinds of friendships there are, however, the ‘friends’ friendships are raw and are true keepers.

Life is for making memories that last a life time, share the journey!

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