Back to school blues – not just for the kids!

Across many states in the US after nearly 3 months, Summer Vacation is over – school resumes tomorrow, alarm clocks are set (way to early), school supplies are purchased (expensive), teachers and schedules have been released and the house will become very quiet.

Whist many kids will be suffering from back to school blues, I will be joining them!

I have always been the parent that loves having the kids home from school. I like the disorganised days where they are happy to be home, no set breakfast times and the lazy start to the days. I like being able to plan our days as we go, to enjoy family time without the interruption of school.

Summer vacation for us this year has not been like others, we didn’t treak half way across the country taking in everysight and sound possible. We enjoyed pure family time, small trips to visit friends and really taking a step back from what has been a crazy time.

I know the kids will hit head on the back to school blues, they will be grumby for the first few days and then the routine and expections will replace those blues (ready for a whole new set of blues to set in as assignments etc come in to play). This year they will start at their schools on the very first day and will not be the new kid, they will be their usual confident and welcoming selves, and for this, I am so grateful.

For me, the thought of that quiet house and not filling my days with the kids will be something new for me. Usually, I too am returning to school, embarking on the challenges of a new school year and relishing being around collegues and students, both new and old.

This year, I will battle the back to school blues, but I too will hit them head on.

Mrs Mully will be tackling new challenges, planning new adventures and I am ready.

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